Q - Why do I need to email you to sign up or change information on my account?

A -We may at some point introduce a automated registration system but not right now. By contacting us to alter your information it allows us two advantages.
1) It allows us the ability to maintain some level of editorial control, both for possible copyright violations, but also to be able to spy great content.
2) It allows us to connect to our users on a personal level. You are important to us and we want to know who you are. Maybe someday we’ll get really big and won’t be able to connect to you, but we will try to do that for as long as we can.

Q - What kind of content can I submit?

A - Anything you want. Video, pictures, original art, stories, anything you can come up with. Our database is limited at the moment so videos need to be posted at a free site (YouTube and the like). We want anything you can come up with. Try not to think of this like a traditional social networking site. We want you to be able to publish your kick ass material for an audience that will appreciate it.

Q - Are there limits on content?

A - Yes. No pornography, no grossly illegal content, no malware or gambling. Nudity and violence is alright as long as it’s tasteful (if you are on the Zombie site, the rules are a little more lax).

Q - What if I want my material removed?

A - Email us. It’s yours and it always will be.

Q – Why does it take so long to have information on my account changed?

A – Life. We’d like to have a team of monkeys working around the clock on this but unfortunately we don’t at the moment. A couple ways you can help:
1) If you have web design/FTP experience and a little free time (though reliable time) we may be looking for editors. Email us and we will keep you in mind.  
2) Support our advertisers and promote the site. More users and more advertising support means more money which means more functionality and more new features. We’re not in this to get rich but we do want to be able to at least have it pay for itself. Don’t spam click ads though, they don’t like that. We want to make the best experience possible for you the user. We’ve got lots of ideas and can’t wait to put them into play. Tell your friends and tell them to tell their friends.

Q – Why was my material rejected?

A – We will always tell you why we can’t publish a particular piece and will try to work with you to get it right. Generally pieces will not be published because of violations of the Terms of Use. Quality is not up for us to decide.

Q – Who runs this site?

A – We do.

Q – Is there a chat or message board system?

A – There will be once the usership increases. We may even use and image board ‘cause that would be cool.

Q – How do I get my friends to sign up?

A- Get them to send us an email mentioning your username and we’ll give you points once they are on board.

Q - What’s the point of this site?

A – What’s the point of anything? Enjoy, have fun. We made this site to have fun and want you to have just as much.

Q – How do I ask questions?

A - Email us.