How to join the Ninja Army


By signing up for the Ninja army you will begin the adventure of a lifetime.

Every member of the Ninja Army will be assigned their own distinct page and badge, like this:

Your entry into the Army will be complete. On your page you will be able to tell of your successes and failures and share the same with other members of the Ninja Army.

Members will also receive ranks based on the quantity and quality of your missions. The ranks are as follows:

See here for how to gain in the rankings

The following are special Ninja honours. If you earn any of these honours they will be added to your current rank. Please note that none of these honours can be earned until you have reached the rank of Honour Ninja.

Your rank and honours will be displayed on your Ninja page as well as the main Ninja Army page.

Rank and Honours are determined in part by quantity and quality of your submissions. Recruiting others into the Army will also increase your chances of promotion. If you know someone who would make a good Ninja, have them apply and they may too join the fight. Any recruits you bring in will be added to your squad.

For each submission you receive a set number of points. Those points then can be used to purchase special items for your profile (see them here) and eventually merchandise.

You will also be assessed a "find" score that will rank you against other volunteers. Find ranking is determined by a secret algorithim. Hint: the more active you are, the higher your score will go.

Recruiting new volunteers goes a long way to helping your score.